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Our Cosmic Internet Academy is all about positive and pragmatic change through holistic education and so we encourage you to look at all our online courses to see what interests you there!

These powerful, life enhancing Online Courses that utilize over 5 decades of in-depth experiential research and methodology! The simple yet powerful pragmatic insights that these courses contain, have transformed the lives of millions of people.

In this video Jasmuheen touches on the need we have all had to change many things in life while also introducing the new Online Courses that are designed to bring people into  more consistent states of health harmony and happiness. Click for more Course data here

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Being Source Fed – As so many people are so interested in our experiential research into this controversial field, we offer a separate page for you at the below link with all relevant books, meditations plus our “The Alchemy of Source Feeding” online course.

To find out more re Source Feedings re our research, courses plus more click here …

We also now have regular Live Zoom Events that you will find among our Online Courses as first they will be filmed LIVE then offered for access after the event so that those who tuned in live can re-listen and those who couldn’t join us can still enjoy what we shared … more coming in 2022! Click for more …

Our Darkroom retreats are our most popular as they provide deep and lasting life enhancing experiences. 
Jasmuheen has been facilitating these retreats for decades and uses the Darkroom like a research laboratory to test the efficiency of  the programs of The Embassy of Peace, particularly the Luscious Lifestyles and Source Feeding programs. For more data on these retreats

In this section you will find some of Jasmuheen’s 42 books in the form of research manuals, audio books, fiction books, other language books, free books and even inexpensive bundles of books! For more on Jasmuheen’s books …

In this section you will find our powerful, life changing meditations – both as single meditations audios plus also as powerful topic related bundles of meditations! For these meditations click here …

Also see our Free Meditations section.

Art as Cosmic Feng Shui – In this section you will find some of Jasmuheen’s Sacred Art images that pay homage to wise and loving beings plus also data re her powerful Sacred Portals Sacred Art Course that many are now enjoying! For more on Jasmuheen’s sacred art …

In this below video, Jasmuheen on what Holistic education really means. This video is part of our online course as per the below. In this video we wish to share what our version of Holistic Education means as we will apply it through the online course on the Alchemy of Healing and what holistic education can achieve regarding being free from disease personally and globally and so much more!


“Thank you, thank you, thank you Jasmuheen! I am very inspired in your courses, my perspective in everyday situations has changed, I see the situations in a variety of ways. For me a great method is to feel consolation, to feel understood, to be able to perceive myself well, to think about myself, as best as I can … I feel like  I’m doing something useful to spend time with  your classes – I will repeat the courses … Thank you for existing – Biggest hugs to you!” From Maria who has now done 6 of our Courses!

“All my life, I have been studying and have many diplomas, but I never enjoyed that much of learning as I did from your creative teachings. You have hypnotised me and I believe that the same effect you will have on millions of people. What a magical gift to the world! I do not have enough words to express my gratitude.” from Inglia

All Free – Courses, Books, Meditations – In this section you will find free Global Events and Channeled Messages, Inspiring Real Life Stories plus Free Meditations All free for you

The Embassy of Peace Online Programs – All about our Embassy of Peace Programs and which course deliver our goals of supporting a Triple Level Ascension and upgrade of our planet and her people and our Universe. Link to videos, free manuals and more …

Inspiring Real Life Stories – This free section is for those who are curious about Jasmuheen’s life or who may need a little inspiration through these challenging times on Earth. This playlist touches on many of Jasmuheen’s unusual experiences such as telepathic communication, bilocation, meeting ascended beings of light and love, communion with people who have left their bodies through physical death and so much more. Therefore this playlist is only for the open-hearted and those with open minds. Please share with others if these insights touch you – smiles … To watch this free playlist

Being our Best Version Selves and what we Offer on our Channels with Jasmuheen – In this brief video Jasmuheen shares a little of her early life and what she offers on her YouTube and website channels and why. She writes “This is a channel with methodology for people who are ready to live in the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony within themselves and with all life, a channel that shares methodology for us to be our best version selves and live life to our highest potential individually and collectively.” You might also enjoy our Best Version self Meditation at this link.

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Events and Courses in Other languages 中国人-Chinese; Deutsche-German;  Español-Spanish;  Français-French; Japanese – 日本; Portuguese;   plus Română-Romanian with more to come … Link to all Other Language Courses

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