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Welcome to OUR INCREDIBLE WORLD and enjoying the rhythms of happiness and harmony! 

In Our Selves our focus was on loving life via self mastery. Once we have this, we move from the ‘I’ to the ‘power of we’ to take care of each other and Earth.

One People living in Harmony on One Planet – OPHOP:

As we have shared already, this paradigm can be achieved by the fulfillment of The Embassy of Peace Programs plus the application of our Pathways of Peace Pragmatics Program.

PATHWAYS-OF-PEACE-front-cover-smThis poetic work by Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen offers 12 paths of peace and pragmatic exercises via a powerful online course and via the Pathways of Peace manual. 

She writes … “In order to move to the next prophesied level we need to unify in love and focus on paradigms that honour and respect all life … What we focus on grows, we all know this. Some say that it is time also now to focus on things that bind and unify us, a new operating system. The question is, can we all go beyond this struggle? And if so, how?”

For more … download the Pathways of Peace e-book – AU$11.00.

For more on our Visions & Goals, plus our Goal Delivery Systems! We also add Indigenous Insights, Designer Outcomes plus insights re Earth’s Children …


The above video is only for those who are sincerely interested in this next chapter of global evolution from a positive perspective as seen by Jasmuheen and many of the visionaries in our world.

Once we have refined our world into peace, then what? Then we move into the Universal Harmonization Program to merge en-mass into more refined realms! Click here to go to Our Universe